The Support Site

To make sure we provide the best and most responsive service to all of our customers and partners, we have incorporated all aspects of our business into the one support desk.

You can find this support over at The Support Site.

When there, just open up a new ticket, choosing HostBanquet as the category, then you will be assured of our very best attention.

Our Support Service Level Agreement

Wehn you contact us through The Support Site we make these promises:

  • To provide a personalised response within 4-Working Hours
  • To provide regular updates if the problem cannot be resolved immediately
  • Ensure that our final solution meets with your needs

How to Recognise our Messages

Messages from will be shown as being from ‘The Support Site’.

When you see an email from The Support Site, then you will know it is important and should be viewed.

We will NOT send you any spam or unsolicited mail through this service, and we will not use any data from this support service for any marketing purposes.

Emergency Contact Details

It is always best to use The Support Site wherever possible.

this is because it provides an audit trail for any problems.

If anything goes wrong, we can all see exactly what the support has already covered, and what else might be done to resolve any issue.

However, if you feel you are not getting to the root of the reason for your request, then please do feel free to call us directly on (UK +44) 0800 808 5567.

We look forward to providing you with only the best of services across our entire brand network

Thank You for using HostBanquet.