About Us

Socialis Ipsum Ltd Together with HostBanquet – working to make your business GREAT!

HostBanquet is the web design and hosting brand of Socialis Ipsum Ltd.
You can read the joint Missions Statement over on the Socialis Ipsum website, while on this page, you can find information more specific to our hosting products.

Why you should Join HostBanquet for your business hosting needs

HostBanquet is designed specifically to optimise the Return On Investment (ROI) of business clients that already experience the massive benefits already seen by working with Socialis Ipsum brands.

Although we did look around for the ideal hosting company as a reliable platform for our products, it was not at all easy.
You see, for each product, there are different demands and different optimisations needed to get the very best out of every aspect of our work.

Some aspects work best from standard hosting, others benefit from being cloud based, and other services need to be launched from dedicated web servers, working only for our clients.
the only way we could truly create this flexibility was to bring everything under one roof and under our control.
In essence, we needed to be in full control to be able to offer you Best of Business service across the Socialis Ipsum network.

Is HostBanquet only for Socialis Ipsum clients?

Not at all. If you want hosting that offers the very latest power and technology, then it would be a pretty smart move to work with us on your hosting needs.

Just remember though, HostBanquet is a fully managed hosting service, and therefore doesn’t suit all types or preferences.
If you want DIY Push Button Hosting Solutions, then there are plenty to choose from.
If on the other hand, you want a hands-on service that you can absolutely rely upon, then it definitely could be the right time to call us.

How to Contact Us

You can request further information over on the Contact Us page, or feel free to give us a call on (UK +44) 0800 033 6014.

Other Services by Socialis Ipsum

We referred to other Socialis Ipsum services that we fully support by providing optimised hosting for.
What we didn’t say was what those businesses were…

  • Socialis Ipsum Ltd -The parent company based in the UK
  • Business Website Mastery -a free training resource that should be the starting point for all new business websites
  • GMB Mastermind – for when you are ready to take your learning and your business to a whole new level
  • HostBanquet the place where the rubber hits the road and things start to happen for you and your business

HostBanquet is a UK-based company, registered at 286 Woodfield Avenue, Lincoln, LN6 0LT, United Kingdom.
You can call 0800 033 6014,or email service@hostbanquet.com

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